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Old Town Alexandria Wedding

An Arizona Family Session
November 12, 2017
A Family Engagement
December 6, 2017

Sophia & Zach


The Athenaeum Alexandria  |   September 2017 

Ever since we started planning for this wedding, I knew from the start that this was going to be a fun wedding…and I was absolutely right! There were some sentimental touches that I thought made this wedding unique to these two. Zach gave Sophia his grandmothers handkerchief which Sophia carried with her throughout the day and Sophia had her grandmother style her hair for her.

Some of my favorite parts of their wedding day was the fun getting ready portion to the sweet ceremony and the extremely fun and hilarious reception. Basically all of it! They chose the unique location of The Athenaeum in Old Town Alexandria which provided them with not only the spacious and artsy indoors but the gorgeous outdoor location of their ceremony. Old Town Alexandria has always been one of my favorite places to photograph and so it was awesome to take advantage of that area for their wedding images. I absolutely loved how fashionable these two are!

Sophia chose a unique and beautiful dress from Anthropolgie and Zach was looking extra handsome in his suit and his styled cut! I guess when your future wife is a hair stylist, you know that hair will be looking real good!



The ceremony was incredibly sweet and intimate…I’ve seen some happy brides before but Sophia’s happiness and Zach’s endearing looks just made it so personally touching. The amount of happiness between these two lovebirds was infectious.



Normally I don’t post so much in the reception department but it was so hard not to with this wedding!! So much amazing and fun dancing was going on along with a lot of loud singing. I seriously have never seen any if not so much synchronized dancing at a reception ever! The sweetest part was Sophia’s dance with her dad…it had me nearly in tears…during the wedding and during the editing process. The best man’s speech was inspiring and positive with a little bit of humor which was perfect. What blew us all away too was that Sophia’s cousin sang them a song to the tune of “Part of that World” from The Little Mermaid but made up her own lyrics to it and sang about growing up together.



I am so, SO happy that they chose me to be part of this amazing and fun celebration and I am so happy for these two who were clearly made for each other. Congratulations Zach & Sophia! To say that I am so happy for you is a complete understatement. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!





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