Wedding at Kelly’s Ford Inn
June 22, 2015
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Yorktown Virginia Wedding

Yorktown Wedding

Marcia & Tim

November 23, 2013

 Serendipity is the very first word that really comes to mind when it comes to this experience. I grew up in Manassas and for 12 years I lived next door to a family that naturally my little brother and I were close to. Marcia was my best friend growing up and after I moved to Fairfax Co. in 1999 we eventually grew apart and as we grew older we still managed to keep in touch from time to time. As life has it our paths eventually crossed again when I was searching for a wedding photographer in 2013 and I found out that she as Marcia Anne Designs not only was a web developer but a very, very talented photographer. So she shot my wedding in May of 2013 and I had the ultimate amazing pleasure of getting to shoot her wedding the following November. How much better does it get than that? As kids we grew up best friends and then we ended up getting to shoot each others wedding!! Tell me that about 20 years ago and I woulda never believed you. I have to take a minute to also say what an amazing man Tim is and how perfect he and Marcia are together. The love he has for her radiates in him and I was blown away how easy he was in front of the camera not to mention affectionate. It was beautiful. I’m so thankful for this opportunity, for her trust in me as her photographer and especially since it was the very first wedding I had ever done, let alone on my own and for my own business. It felt amazing to be part of something so beautiful. It may have been a year and half ago but it’s something I still think about and I love the images I was able to capture. I really hope you enjoy too!


RA_Images-0052 RA_Images-0057 RA_Images-0162 RA_Images-0091Yorktown Wedding Yorktown Wedding Bride in waiting Bridal boquet                      RA_Images-0426 RA_Images-0432 RA Images-0604  RA_Images-0123RA_Images-0903 RA_Images-0833 RA_Images-0822 RA_Images-0883 RA_Images-1113 RA_Images-1035 RA_Images-0940 RA_Images-0945RA_Images-1089 RA_Images-0073  RA_Images-0079 RA_Images-1073 RA_Images-0914 RA Images-0038 RA_Images-0059RA Images-0024 RA_Images-0073 RA_Images-0133 RA_Images-0123

RA_Images-2-2 RA_Images-2 RA_Images-2-5 RA Images-2-15  RA_Images-2-7  Cutting the cake




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