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Freya’s First Birthday

Baby Sage
August 27, 2017
Spring Bridal & Family Session
September 11, 2017

Freya’s 1st Birthday


March 2017


There are quite a few reasons as to why I love being a Portrait Photographer…and one of the main reasons is because it is an amazing feeling to be part of special milestones. And when relationships are grown from those experiences, it touches another level of fulfillment. That’s exactly why this session meant so much to me. Let me go ahead and start from the beginning!

Last year, I got to meet a very sweet mom to be—the amazing Melinda. She soon got in touch with me to set up a maternity shoot and I immediately fell in love with all the great ideas she had in mind. I was then able to meet her husband Pete who is so easy going and absolutely hilarious! After being with the both of them, I could only imagine what great parents they would be. Melinda being the creative soul that she is brought along some props with her and we had a blast capturing all the ideas we had talked about. The irony in it was that we were able to capture some of these images the very last day of her pregnancy!! It was such an amazing session! (the link to that session is here )

Soon after they had Freya, they invited me to their home to take her newborn pictures. It was such a sweet honor that they would bring me into their home and capture this next step in their lives together and it was amazing to meet the little creature who was just the couple of weeks before, was still inside her momma. Melinda came through again with some great props for her little sweet pea…from a tutu to even a crocheted mermaid outfit! 

Since then, Melinda and I have been following each other on Instagram and Facebook so I have been able to see Freya grow and having been there in the beginning, it just felt so endearing to see her again when we got together for her 1st birthday. She even greeted me with a cute smile! As before, The Rossi’s brought great ideas and props to the session and we had so much fun together!

Time really flies by and somehow children makes it seem like it goes even quicker. I’m so thankful to The Rossi’s for including me in their lives…to let me part of their precious baby girls life and growing moments…for trusting me…for everything. It’s these kinds of moments that make me love what I do!  Thank you to The Rossi’s for allowing me to be part of these beautiful moments!


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