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A Historic Downtown Engagement

A Southern Virginia Wedding
September 13, 2017
Baby Sage 7 Months
November 3, 2017

Sophia & Zach

Historic Downtown Leesburg | June 2017


You know those surprising moments that get you completely excited? That happened the moment that Sophia asked me to photograph her upcoming wedding to Zach. I was so shocked and elated all that same time that for some reason I asked, “are you sure?” and Sophia nodded adamantly yes. “Of course I’d love to!” I said with a huge smile on my face 🙂

About a year ago I first met Zach through my husband and brother-in-law as they all work for the same company and soon after I met Sophia and thought she was absolutely hilarious! In just the first time hanging out with the both of them together, I thought that they made such a great couple. These two compliment each other so well and they seem to share a lot of laughs together.

I had a feeling that the engagement session would be a lot of fun…every time we get together is always a lot fun but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much at a session as I did with these two. They were all about being themselves to show the fun they have together and since they are so photogenic, it was really easy to get some great portraits while also capturing those sweet and tender moments together.

We met outside of the restaurant Shoes Cup and Cork in Historic Downtown Leesburg which is a place they really love to go to. After taking some portraits there they were very adventurous as we all wanted to advantage of all the pretty spots Downtown Leesburg has to offer. The extremely colorful looking sunset caught our eyes and we chased it down to a more open area to get some more portraits in. The colors were amazing! And they were such naturals in front of the camera…it was just all so perfect and I got so excited throughout the session it was hard not to jump up and down. I mean I really would have but my nearly 9 month pregnant self just simply could not really do so!

I had so much fun with these two and I’m so excited for their wedding!!

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