About Me

Northern VA born & raised, a music fiend & live music show fanatic. A lover of the arts & film with dreams of traveling the world and to document every aspect of life & beauty along the way. As an eclectic and passionate soul, a romantic and imaginative dreamer, photography has allowed me the perfect medium to express myself.

Hi! My name is Raquel and to say photography is a passion is an understatement. As a kid, I typically had some kind of camera with me. I first experienced the dark room while in High School where I l fell in love with it immediately. I eventually decided to earn my degree in photography and after graduating in 2013 in Photography & Media, I took my love to a professional level.
Over the years I’ve grown from a fine art photographer to being a photographer who loves documenting people, love and special moments. My versatility has enhanced & is something I embrace.
My husband and I have will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this Spring and last summer we welcomed our first child, Luna. We're excited to be first time parents! It feels amazing! We both absolutely love the summers and enjoy going to the beach or lake as much as possible. I love to travel (of course) and hope that more opportunities are in my future. I have a huge sweet tooth but cheeseburgers always remains one of my top favorite foods. And of course I love coffee, lots and lots of it.
I have traveled throughout Virginia for many portrait sessions and weddings and I have also have had the amazing opportunity to document weddings in Ireland, The Bahamas and Punta Cana and I hope that it's just the beginning of documenting weddings worldwide! It is an indescribable yet full-filling feeling working with individuals and couples to make their visions become a beautiful reality. It’s an honor to join the journey of others & to preserve their memories. It would be a privilege to be your photographer!